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Kailani Hayden
  • Reports primarily to the BN XO

  • Responsible for tracking attendance at BN events and reporting attendance to staff (including LET IVs)

  • Organizes BN subordinate units and creates rotations for LET IIIs

  • Receives accountability reports from CDT 1SG at mandatory events and tracks attendance

  • Maintains Cadet picture board (ICW PAO) and mailboxes

  • Responsible for administrative duties of BN such as manifests and transportation rosters, etc.

  • Plans, organizes, and supervises the execution of battalion awards ceremonies, change of command ceremonies, military ball ceremonies, and social events

  • Ensures accurate rosters are prepared and distributed to the BN, including from other schools for joint events

  • Responsible for assisting with social events

  • Receives operational control of any special project committees as directed by the commander

Erick Estrada
  • Supervises battalion physical security

  • Provides terrain analysis, light and weather data, and updates on events that could impact training

  • Serves on event staff for planning and conducting battalion training events

  • Prepares weekly brief on news and current events, including analysis of the importance of the event to future officers and/or to the US military as a whole

  • Maintains all sensitive items assigned within the BN.

AssT. S-3
  • Principal staff officer responsible for all matters concerning training, operations, and plans

  • Reports primarily to the cadre S3, the Cadet CDR, and the XO

  • Works in conjunction with the XO for the BN CDR / operations cadre

  • Responsible for leading the training portion of staff meetings

  • Publishes calendars and tracks OPORDs

  • Plans BN events and publishes OPORDs IAW battle rhythm

  • Develops quality, feasible plans for the BN to execute

  • Responsible for garrison OPORD briefs to LET IIIs

  • Has tasking authority; prescribes COICs for labs and training events

  • Responsible for the production of weekly storyboards

  • Maintains record of scores from training events

  • Assist the XO with AARs

German Genao
  • Primary Staff Officer responsible for coordinating the logistics integration of supply, maintenance, transportation, and services for the battalion

  • Reports primarily to the SFC Caraballo and c/XO (work during supply hours)

  • Coordinates for receives, distributes, and controls supplies and equipment for training in JUMS

  • Conducts inventories and maintains a continuous working knowledge of on-hand supplies and equipment within the battalion 

  • Works closely with and advises the c/XO and c/S3 to synchronize logistical efforts in support of BN operations

Alex Arias
  • Reports primarily to the cadre XO, c/CDR and c/XO

  • Updates website (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) weekly with current photos and information

  • Ensures overall marketing and advertising is relevant, informative, and current

  • Serves as the photographer for BN events; ensures cadets have access to the pictures

  • Coordinates pictures for the cadet board and plaques

  • Coordinates with the Lancers JROTC social media team for “Instagram takeovers”

  • Advertises the accomplishments of the Lancers BN

  • Responsible for production and publication of semester newsletter

  • Coordinates with c/S-4 or SFC Caraballo for necessary equipment.

  • Additionally, provide a copy of all digital pictures to the SAI within 2 days of each event.

  • Provide the SAI a hard-back copy of the Mixbook for LHSC JROTC Yearbook.

C/1LT Elisbeth Sherwood
  • The S-6 is immediately responsible to the XO for all matters relating to Automations.

  • Focuses mainly on collecting permission forms, making permission forms and getting accountability of all permission forms.

  • Special Projects, is responsible coordinating, organizing, setup and managing the Annual Battalion Awards Ceremony and special projects that come about throughout the school year.

  • Is responsible for all of the technology issues and projects that have to do with the battalion.

  • Coordinates with the S-5 to maintain and update the Battalion website.

  • Maintains accountability for all sensitive equipment in conjunction with the S-2.

  • Plan and coordinate special projects as outlined by the cadet battalion commander, the cadet battalion XO, or the instructor staff.

  • Maintain records on all activities and coordination as they pertain to each project.

  • Keep the cadet battalion commander, the cadet battalion XO, and the instructor staff informed as to the progress of ,or any problems encountered with, the projects.

  • Establish the Academic Anonymous and assigns a company every week.

Amauri Santana 
  • Responsible for enhancing the relationship between the Lancer BN and the surrounding communities.

  • Recruiting students to join the Lancer JROTC program.

  • Community engagement.

  • Community Service organizer and planner

    • Cor-Unum​

    • Veteran Cemetery

    • Parades

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